The 1932 Olympics witnessed couple of world records created by Indians that still stand unbroken. The biggest score in an international hockey match is the 24-1 victory of India over the USA, played on August 11, 1932. The record for the most number of goals scored in a single hockey match belongs to Roop Singh, who slammed in ten goals in the 24-1 rout of USA. India scored 24 goals in the 1932 Olympics, of which the brothers popularly known as the "hockey brothers" scored 25 of them. They were, Left- in Roopsingh (10) and Centre Forward Dhyan Chand (14). The hockey brothers went on to represent India in the 1936 Olympics also, winning yet another gold medal for India.

In the 24-1 victory against the USA, there is a very amusing tale about the solitary goal scored by the Americans; The defenders had decided to let the Americans have a run, but when they looked behind, there was no goalkeeper. The Indian goalkeeper Richard Allen was signing autographs behind the goal post!

India`s record in the 1932 Olympics at Los Angeles:

  • Played: 2

  • Won: 2

  • Goals For: 35

  • Goals Against: 2